The role of the schools of jurisprudence in preserving Islamic Law

The role of the schools of jurisprudence in preserving Islamic Law Research Paper example
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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date The Role of the Schools of Jurisprudence in Preserving Islamic Law Introduction The Islamic jurisprudence is one of the most important aspects in the life of Muslims, as it provides the individual with the guidance and rulings for the daily life’s practical aspects.


This methodology is what is known as the schools or the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. These schools have some differences among them on the application and usage of some aspects that are acceptable as forms of evidence. Presently, there are four schools of Islamic jurisprudence. While there are several differences between these schools on certain issues, these differences never cause conflict; instead, they provide the Islamic faith with a wealth of knowledge (Berg 22). The schools of jurisprudence play important role in preserving Islamic Law. Brief History of the Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence The history of Islamic jurisprudence is inextricably linked with the social and political developments that created challenges and opportunities for the jurists. It emerged and developed in the light of varied social and political changes and substantial transformation of Islam and sharia was witnessed. Certain aspects of Islamic jurisprudence were revealed from 610 to 632 AD to Prophet Muhammad and collected into the Islamic holy book- Quran. Other aspects are contained in the legacy of the Prophet, the hadith (Weiss 17). There are two sources of the Islamic law: revealed and non-revealed. ...
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