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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Movie Review, Religion and Theology The first among the tree oldest religions that believe in one God is Judaism which is practiced by the Jews. Judaism derives all its teachings from the first five books of the Holy Bible written by Moses also referred to as the Torah books.


Judaism has and continues to be the true identity of a Jew despite it just being a religion which over time has closely intertwined with their culture and to a greater degree act as a seam that holds the whole nation of Israel together. Most notably is the role of Judaism in legalizing or illegalizing certain food components and at the same time determining the calendar used in that part of the world despite the rest of the world use of a totally different system. In addition, the preservation of the Hebrew language is mainly attributed to ardent following of Judaism. In as much as Judaism continues to be a pillar of the Jews in more ways than one, it cannot be referred to as an ethnicity due to the fact that there have been new converts from other ethnic groups who have embraced Judaism despite it having arisen from Jews who are a single ethnic group. In their practice of monotheism to God, the Jews offer their service to God through adhering to the commandments set out in the five law books, academia, prayer and supplication in a bid to remain faithful to the commandment they made with God. ...
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