Analysis and evaluation Moises Silva's "A Case for Calvinistic Hermeneutics" (Ch 18 in Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics)

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Analysis and Evaluation of Moises Silva's "A Case for Calvinistic Hermeneutics" Hermeneutics defines the discipline and subject of completely deriving theories, principles and other methods that are used in day to day interpretation of texts. This is specially used to make a better and easier understanding of texts and information that is written in a complex manner.


There is a need to replace the complex ancient words with evolving words that are understood in the current context, especially with the readers. Traditional hermeneutics have focused on ensuring the ancient texts are traditionally interpreted to derive reasonable meaning according to the scriptures.1 This is an incident where many people encompass their knowledge in deriving meanings to texts that were written by ancient writers during the time of the events. In essence, the concentration on such interpretation is to derive the primary meaning of the historical scriptures, without distorting the meaning of the stated expressions. Therefore, skills and knowledge must be utterly used to make a possible meaning out of the scriptures, without relaying discordant information. According to Moises, the Calvinistic hermeneutics is an expression of the interpretation from the Calvinists. The Calvinists have their interpretation in accordance to the intended message from the historical writers, which is acceptable and understood. The Calvinists have their own theories, principles and methods that are entirely used in expressing their interpretation of the scriptures. ...
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