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[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 04 November 2013. Discuss some of the issues surrounding Muslims in the west and how do they compare to Muslims living in Muslim/Arab countries? It is an undeniable reality that the Muslim minorities living in the West are confronted with myriad potentially disturbing issues and obstacles compared to other Muslims living in Muslim countries.


Still, it is quite unfortunate that the Western media has largely stuck to quite a prejudiced and controversial approach in portraying Muslims over time which has only served to aggravate the already devastated conditions encountered by masses of innocent Muslims living in the US and European countries. There is no denying the fact that everyday Muslims in the West are marginalized for the actions of a few extremist groups. This essay is basically an attempt to scrutinize what the growing body of contemporary literature has to say on the subject of notorious issues surrounding Muslims in the West and reflect on why they are made victims of an inevitable scandalous propaganda. It is an established however grave reality that in the present day world, more and more people are losing their patience with religions and all the vivacious debates that come along with them. People are tired of listening to animated critics arguing among themselves on whose religion is better than whom and do not care much about what is the reality of each major religion in this age of fierce competitiveness and materialism. ...
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