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Religion and Theology
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Discussion Board: Intertestamental Period Name Professor Class Date During the Intertestamental Period, the Jews had a basic knowledge of God that He continues His involvement in creation of the universe in inherent goodness and separate from Himself (Abel 2009)…

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Furthermore, the Jews believed that God was able to reverse the effects of sin and completely reverse consummate the reconciliation with the humankind. These views are consistent with mine, for I believe it is only God who has the powers and ability to reconcile us with Himself after we fall short of His will. Several changes occurred in the Jewish view on God and the world during this time. Foremost, there was an intensified and revitalized given the events of 6th Century BC when the Jewish nation suffered a series of exiles. The Jewish people also suffered the effects of Hellenism at this period, and the Greek beliefs affected their basic understanding and belief in diminution of anthromorphism (Gee 1995). Although the Old Testament of the Hebrews acknowledges the concept of immortality, the period of intertestamental shift made the Jews lay more focus and emphases on immortality of the soul. In addition, there was a shift from the isolated lifestyle the Jews had lived for the whole time. They became more open and interactive with other communities, thanks to the effects of Hellenism. The period also marked a change of the Jews’ view of God from His imminence to His transcendence. They refrained from using the name of God in all their undertakings as had been the custom before the Intertestamental Period. ...
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