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New Testament Name of student Name and Number of Course Name of Professor Date PART I. KEY TERMS: Choose FIVE of the following terms, and provide A) ONE sentence that defines the term, and B) ONE sentence that explains its significance for studying the New Testament (25 points) Socio-historical method Trade organizations Pliny Paidagogos Manumission “Superapostles” Meat offered to idols Christ Hymn Partition theory 1.


Meat offered to idols: meat that had been sacrificed to pagan deities and offered in the Greco-Roman world where polytheism was the main religious practice. The gods were appeased through the animal sacrifices and in turn they protected the empire. Definition B: His letter to his nephew, commonly known as Tacitus. The letters made him to make friendship with Emperor Vespasian and his letters contributed to the letters the Romans wrote to Christ’s disciples. 2. TERM: Manumission Definition A: The technical term for freeing a slave, mainly by paying the owner. Christ Hymn (in Phillipians): the passage found in Phil 2:6-11 that may have originally been a hymn sung to (or about) Christ, who gave up his divine rights to become human, lowering himself to die on a cross before God exalted him even higher than he had before. Definition B: The feelings of benevolence help us in learning how Roman slaves paid wages and bought themselves hence liberation. 3. ...
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