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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Atheism Everyday, many people around the world face different problems that often leave them devoid of faith. Similarly, millions of people around the world have qualms if God really exists. Do these scenarios constitute atheism?


Atheism refers to the absence of belief in God or gods or the denial of their existence. Atheism is divided into two camps: negative and positive atheism. According to Michael Martin, negative atheism refers to “not having a belief in God or gods” (Martins 221). On the other hand, positive atheism is “the belief that there is no God or gods” (Martins 221). As it appears, atheism can be weak or strong. One who is skeptical of the existence of God or gods would be considered a weak atheist while someone who explicitly believes that there is nothing like God is often perceived as a strong atheist. Therefore, the generalization made by the author that atheism is “the belief that God doesn’t exist” does not explore atheism in its entirety. Using Jainism, Martin illustrates the concept of atheism from the perspective of different scholars. For example, E. Royston Pike notes that Jain theology is nonexistent making Jainism atheistic. The idea of God, spirits and demons are all refuted. However, Jainism believes that there are supernatural beings: Tirchankaras (good men made perfect). Similarly, J. Jaini asserts that Jainism believes in Godhood and in numerous gods, but is atheistic in that they do not believe that the gods created the universe (Martins 222). All these evidence makes the claim in “Atheism-Shattered Faith” that atheists believe that there is no greater power in the universe invalid. ...
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