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Atheism refers to the absence of belief in God or gods or the denial of their existence. Atheism is divided into two camps: negative and positive atheism. According to Michael Martin, negative atheism refers to “not having a belief in God or gods” (Martins 221). On the other hand, positive atheism is “the belief that there is no God or gods” (Martins 221). As it appears, atheism can be weak or strong. One who is skeptical of the existence of God or gods would be considered a weak atheist while someone who explicitly believes that there is nothing like God is often perceived as a strong atheist. Therefore, the generalization made by the author that atheism is “the belief that God doesn’t exist” does not explore atheism in its entirety. Using Jainism, Martin illustrates the concept of atheism from the perspective of different scholars. For example, E. Royston Pike notes that Jain theology is nonexistent making Jainism atheistic. The idea of God, spirits and demons are all refuted. However, Jainism believes that there are supernatural beings: Tirchankaras (good men made perfect). Similarly, J. Jaini asserts that Jainism believes in Godhood and in numerous gods, but is atheistic in that they do not believe that the gods created the universe (Martins 222). All these evidence makes the claim in “Atheism-Shattered Faith” that atheists believe that there is no greater power in the universe invalid. ...
According to them, if the universe is traced back to God, then several questions are invited

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Atheism: Defending its Basic Principles
In this essay, I wish to defend atheism on two basic principles: firstly, the problem on the concept of God; and secondly, the morality of existentialistic thinking. Through these principles, I intend to come up with a synthesis of my arguments that will set forth the value of atheism in upholding truth and freedom in society.
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Atheism and Communism
Apparently atheism looks a bit more religious term than political, though it is very close to social, political and spiritual life of the individuals which announces indifference and apathy towards all religions by declaring them as the root-cause of dividing humans in separate groups.
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How the Term Atheist Is Being Used in a Contemporary Media Article
Michael Martin, a well known philosopher of Atheism defines the Atheism in the dimensions of positive and negative atheism. The positive atheist simply denies the existence of god whereas the negative atheist believe that there is minimal, very less or even hardly any intervention of god in our world where we live.
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The four authors of the article have provided differentiated view point with regard to the given topic. Among them two were the atheists, one was Christian and the other was Moslem. The article has given different dominant ideologies about the existence of God.
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Is Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe better described as a warning against atheism or a subversion of religious faith
Christopher Marlowe limns Doctor Faustus to be foolish, one who could not do much and indulges in foolishness and debauchery. Faustus used the powers to conjure spirits in his beck and asked them to bring him women, food and good wine.
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One is supposed to choose a religion as to the majority of the population. Atheism therefore is connoted as taboo by the fact that not many people understand what is happening inside the mind of an atheist. But what is Atheism? It is definitely not linked in any sort to demonology or witchcraft unlike what might other religious scholars say.
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Hitchens Rationality of Atheism
And that puts the story of creation in the dark. Same holds true about the discovery of human genome mapping and the way the gene has evolved itself from the animals. This brings the human race closer to the animals and also brings all the human beings on to the same platform.
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The Relationship Between Atheism and Communism
Similarly, communism is a socioeconomic and political term, which also seeks unity and cohesion among the members of society by
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Paper about Atheism
However, they believed that God did not have a personality or human like ideals but instead incorporated the cosmos as a whole. Many atheists believe that there is no strong presence of a god (Conservapedia). Many
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
Criticize the Cosmological Argument against Atheism
The second premise states that the universe or the world began to exist. The third premise states that if the world has a cause, then the cause of the world is powerful, personal and immaterial. The first premise which states that there
3 pages (750 words) Essay
such as ‘where did God come from?’ Fozdar argues that God is the absolute reality behind nirvana and laws of karma. According to him, Buddhists rejected not the idea of existence of God, but belief in personal God who can speak using commonsense (Martins 226). This further shows that atheism is not just absolute disbelief in the existence of God as the essay “Atheism-Shattered Faith”claims because other atheists believe in existence of specific gods. Atheism constitutes rejecting the existence of God or gods in a narrow or broader sense where a narrow sense is the disbelief in the existence of all gods. There are indeed atheistic religions and atheism does not necessarily mean antireligious (Martins 229). An atheist can admit that certain principles of a religion are correct but reject that God sanctioned such principles. God is usually perceived as a supernal creator. God makes man in accordance with a procedure and a conception. In philosophic atheism, essence comes before existence. However, atheistic existentialism holds that if God is not existent, then there exists one being whose existence is prior to its essence. In many cases, people use logical reasoning to question the existence of the supernal creator, God. For instance, Jainist philosophers enthusiastically criticized the opinions of Nyaya philosophers in their bid to use logical reasoning disapprove the notion that God exists (Martins 223). This situation is similar to the author’s attempt to disapprove of God’s existence using his experiences. Using logical reasoning, the writer does not understand if God really exists


Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Atheism Everyday, many people around the world face different problems that often leave them devoid of faith. Similarly, millions of people around the world have qualms if God really exists. Do these scenarios constitute atheism?…
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Atheism essay example
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