Analysis: What is the Qur
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The Quran by John Lester, is an interesting piece of article during the restoration of Great Mosque. The Quran according to Lester is the manifesto of Islam in a document.  In Islam, theology and philosophy are the main components that define religion through theology rather than tradition.


According to Lester, the Koran’s prosperous claim of word as the final word of God is highly misconstrued by both Islam and Christians.  In order to first understand Koran itself, it is essential to understand Islam. To understand Islamic creed, Muslim scholars must therefore be educated in theology and the science of fiqh through the extraction of Koran. However, Lester argues that the Koran lacks this substance and provides a comprehensive overview of his justifications that may seem to be controversial in neo-modern Islamic era (Lester 2 ). The Quran is claimed to be revealed to the last prophet, is a testament of sharia since he claims the word of God that is seen through his wisdom and knowledge. To extract these rulings, Lesters gives a historical account regarding the existence of Koran. He gives a narration stating that the compilation began in Yemen, as laborers begin to accumulate parchments that were fused in rain and damp. The major positions of the origins of the Koran trace back to the era of Muhammed, when the Koran was revealed to him in the cave. ...
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