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Six Months plan for Turkish and Armenian Students

The evaluation time for the steps that I will introduce to the university will be six months (Saxena, 2009).
Step One: I will advise the two student organizations to concentrate on their activities and not to meddle in each othersactivity as their two different organizations representing students with different interest and coming from different background. I will ensure that the two organizations exist in cohesion and that the different speakers appointed by each organization respect the identity, religion and culture of the organizations present within the University (Lederach, 1999).
Step Two: I will advise the two student organizations within the university to know their purpose within the institution and that they share a common interest which is education and not ethnicity or religion. I will make them to understand that no organization is superior to the other and that the resources available within the institution are meant for their use, therefore they should strive to avoid rivalry due to the use of resources or space within the university(Lederach, 1999).
Step Three: I will advise the two student organizations to have positive thoughts about each other and ignore their religious interest since the Turks are Muslims and Armenians are Christians. They put human rights values into action and treat each other like a brother for cohesion and peace to exist within the university. ...
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As the head of the conflict resolution expert as a university, my action plan will address the conflict between two student organizations, one dedicated to a Turkish identity culture whereas, the other to Armenian identity and culture. …
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