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Religion and Theology
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Facts of the Case: Mrs. C., an 85-year-old woman with severe emphysema, is found unresponsive by the nursing staff. Since she has no living will or advance directive, an ambulance is called.


Emergency medical personnel perform endotracheal intubation and resuscitate her successfully. She then is taken to the local hospital for treatment of pneumonia and respiratory failure. After treatment for her medical conditions, she cannot be weaned from the respirator. The patient is able to communicate her wishes by using head signals and writing notes. After several weeks of treatment, she asks that the respirator be discontinued and she be allowed to die. Mrs. C. asserts emphatically that she would not have wanted to be resuscitated in the first place, although she never executed an advanced directive or discussed these specific wishes with anyone.  Cite the case that you are using. Describe the situation and the ethical dilemma (10%) The case presents an ethical dilemma for medical practitioners in decision-making because the Hippocratic Oath mandates them to preserve or help prolong life. The patients however, in this case, have decline further medical help via resuscitation and that she has wanted to die. The case presents a dilemma between pro-choice versus pro-life and an ethical dilemma on freedom versus control. These certainly will affect the nurses professionally because the situation will summon all their professional sense of values against the patient’s right to make autonomous decision of one’s life. ...
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