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Can Christians disagree on a moral issue

Moral issues can be created when an individual, a community or a firm is not in control of all the factors that influence the choices that they make. For example, there are differences in moral values and norms accepted by the individuals who are practicing different religions. Moral issues arise as the values and norms accepted by the individuals do not comply with each other. However, an individual who is devoted to a specific religion cannot force the others in the world to accept one set of values and norms accepted by that specific religion. Therefore, Christianity which is a specific religion does not act as a barrier to arising moral issues in the society. Clearly, two Christians can have different opinions on a given moral issue. Moral code indicates that individuals have a larger role to play in the society than just chasing dollars and cents. There are various moral issues that are often viewed as controversial by different people. The main reason why people tend to disagree over certain moral issues is that they have different perceptions about their worldview. ...
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Full Name: Student Number: Date: Course: TA: Can two educated sincere Christians disagree on a moral issue? Proper application of moral code of conduct in strategic and operational management is generally known as ethics in the contemporary societies. Acting unethically therefore causes moral issues in the society…
Author : tressashanahan

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