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He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end How should this function in the - Essay Example

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The function of the Nicene Creed to the faith of modern-day Christians Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction One of the major questions that face all people, particularly the Christians is the question of, “what happens to a person after they die”. In traditional Jewish traditions and Christianity, the answer to the question has evolved through thousands of years, according to the documented decrees and the values of the bible (Ayres, 2006)…
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He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end How should this function in the
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He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end How should this function in the

However, during the 2nd century, there was an increasing belief in the resurrection and the ultimate judgement of those that die before the day of judgement. The belief is that the dead will be woken up and some will proceed to enjoy everlasting life while the rest will suffer everlasting disgrace and reproach. This paper will review the effect of the creeds, particularly the Nicene Creed on the faith of modern-day Christians, by exploring its meaning, why it is a creed and its relevance for Christians. Discussion The Christians of today get the basis, for the interpretation of the creed, by exploring the subject covered by the creed during the time of Jesus. During his time, the New Testament tells of the division that existed in the understanding developed around the question, among the Sadducees and the Pharisees, like it is mentioned through Acts 23:8, Mark 12: 18 and Mathew. 22:23 (Muldoon, 2013). However, the position of Jesus about the question was made clear through the account of the gospels. Among the eschatological accounts contained in the bible, which talk about the end of the world, the most memorable is contained in Mathew chapter 25. Through the account, Jesus said that after the return of the son of man, alongside the angels, all nations will be assembled before him, so that he can choose those to be blessed and those to be damned (Ayres, 2006). From the passage, the stand of Jesus is clear that, after people die, God judges all and separates the good from the bad. The stand taken by Jesus, amidst the division about the question of the future and what happens to the dead offers Christians the basis, for arriving at the understanding that death does not separate God from his people; that death does not end all (Ayres, 2006). Further, the stand adopted by Jesus gives the Christians of today, the faith to stand by all good values, walking according to the decrees of God and to remain faithful in their service to God. The emphasis of faith in God is evident from the ultimate course taken by God after his return, which offers Christians the faith that, in whatever things and experiences they go through, he expects them to stand by his values (Muldoon, 2013). Through Standing by him, the ultimate promise, which is the backbone of their faith, is contained in the role of God in deciding those to be blessed and the ones to suffer the pain of damnation. The meaning of the creed is straight forward and clear, when making the promise to those that keep their faith in the lord. First, it starts by emphasizing the nature of the coming of the son of man, contrasting it with the past times when he came to the world, because he will be accompanied by the glory of a king (Muldoon, 2013). It emphasizes that he will come in glory, and with the main goal of judging all people, whether they are living or dead. The emphasis of the judgement of the dead and the living, gives emphasises to the importance of keeping faith while alive in the world, due to the knowledge that death will not mark the end of God’s people (Ayres, 2006). For the Christians that still keep their faith in God, the promise is clear that, whether he will return to find them alive or dead, the price will be the same – which is an eternal place in the new kingdom (Bauckham, 1993). The promise offered to those that kee ... Read More
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(He Will Come Again in Glory to Judge the Living and the Dead and His Essay)
“He Will Come Again in Glory to Judge the Living and the Dead and His Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/religion-and-theology/108869-he-will-come-again-in-glory-to-judge-the-living.
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