Religious Conflict: An Analysis and Discussion of Two Unique Cases and a Proposed Model for Change

Religion and Theology
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Religious conflict and violence has long been one of the causal mechanisms behind which individuals have come to a level of disagreement which ultimately transforms into bloodshed.


Although it is true that individuals have killed one another for access to resources, power, and ethnic reasons, religion, and the interpretation thereof, has been the greatest divider between individuals that world history has yet seen. As such, many individuals have promoted the understanding that there will ultimately be no world peace until piece between religious groups is able to be represented. Whereas this statement may seem as if it is over the top it is the opinion of this particular author that it bears a great deal of truth. Whereas it is childish to believe that any and all conflict will immediately cease at the moment in which case is exhibited between religions, it can definitively be said that peace between religions and religious groups would go a very long way in helping to lessen the degree of violence, bloodshed, and conflict that currently exists throughout the world. As a function of presenting this to a further and more complete degree, this particular analysis will discuss and consider the case of the Israel Palestine conflict as well as the Indian Pakistani conflict that has led to strife and continuous altercations; with a differential in religion being the unifying commonality between these conflicts (Asik 87). ...
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