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Summary the Lecture INTRODUCTION Judaism is considered amongst the ancient beliefs that are prevalent in the present world. It is considered that Judaism is the expression of the conventional bond that God build with the kids of Israel. Furthermore, it is estimated that till date there are around 14 million Jews who reside globally (Rich, “Jewish Population”).


SUMMARY The Jews, literally known as Jewish people are a state and ethno-beliefs individuals who mainly originated from the Israelites (Hebrews) of the Early Neighbouring East. Although, according to the Jewish tradition the ancestry is traced back to the Biblical patriarchs who resided in Canaan around the 18th century BCE. However, there are no stringent views regarding its evolution. Judaism like other religion has been widely spread to different parts of the world. Although the religious is considered to be one of the most followed religious around the globe, it has been viewed that the people who follows the practise are faced with numerous challenges regarding their identity and other aspects. Among all the people who followed Islamic religion forced the Jewish to do numerous activities that were against their religious practise. The establishment of a mutual relation amid the Islamic people and the Jews mainly started around the 7th century with the origin and spread of the Islam in Arabian Peninsula. It has also been viewed that both the religion practise shares numerous related standards, course of action and values. Additionally, it has also been ascertained that Islam includes Jewish history as its own portion. ...
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