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Name Instructor Religion and Theory Date Ingrid Mattson, Women of Muslim Ingrid Mattson is one of the frontiers in the female empowerment in the Muslim community who have come up to condemn female discrimination. The agenda of female discrimination has generated heat not only in the muslim community but also across the global sphere.


These are major concerns of Ingrid in her series of videos on “Women of Muslim” and their roles in the society. One of the major concerns of Ingrid is the role of women in leadership position in the Islamic community. She points out that women in the Islamic society have been discriminated by being denied the chance to participate in the leadership position. She feels that the major reason why the role of women does not go beyond the domestic capacity is because they have no channels to air their cries to the world. Their participation in leadership is suppressed by a culture that regards men in the society as the superior beings who should take up all the top positions in the society as women take a basic role to serve and to adore men in the society (Ingridi). She points out that this is the principle reason why women in the Islamic community have remained static as women in all other regions of the world remain dynamic and disentangle themselves from the power of male chauvinism. One particular position that she pinpoints is the discrimination of church in religious worship. In this society, women serve as the congregation but cannot preach or even participate in leadership positions. In essence, they are an inferior lot and their basic position is to serve and to listen (Bennett 42). ...
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