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Name: Course: Date: Scientology The uniqueness of Scientology as a religion is not only based on the fact that it is the only new religion to have emerged in the 20th century, but on the fact that the tenets of this religion are different, unconventional and even weird to some of the believers of different religions1.


Thus, it is through spiritual enlightenment that human beings are able to understand their creator, and enlightenment is only attainable through gaining infinite knowledge. However, the departure of the new religion from those of the past occurs in the belief that personal enlightenment, as opposed to enlightenment through religious doctrines, principles and beliefs, forms the basis of enlightenment, which then enables the individual to understand the creator (Davis, n.p.). Scientology is a religion that borrows from the ancient religions of the west, but applies none of the basic tenets of such religions, rather preferring to apply the technological language as the basis of developing and advancing spiritual concepts in daily life (Fox, 131). The faith of this new religion is in technology, and technology is the basis of running the new faith2; thus, the basis of Scientology is clouded by controversy, making it difficult to differentiate between the faith of Scientology and the way the Church of Scientology is run. The fundamental principle that qualifies scientology as a religion is that; the religion holds the belief that man is basically good, and that his fate regarding salvation ultimately depends on how man relates with the others and the universe at large (Urban, 22). ...
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