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Henry Nabea Professor # Theology and Religion 19th Nov. 2013 Council of Trent The council of Trent was convened in 1545 by pope Paul 111, and it lasted for eighteen years up to 1563. During this period, the council was on and off session; the council had three sessions: first session, 1545- 1547, second session, 1551- 1552, and third session, 1562- 1563.


This paper looks at four themes of the Council of Trent. The themes are, Reformation, Interpretation of Scripture, Condemnation of Corruption in the Church, and Faith and Works. Reformation The reformations that were executed by the Council of Trent were meant to ensure order and efficiency in the Catholic Church and also to curb rampant corruption in the church. The following are the reforms that were made by the Council of Trent. First, the council decreed that bishops must live within their diocese. The bishops also were prohibited from buying or selling religious offices. This measure was meant to curb the common practice of appropriating church properties by the rogue bishops. It was also decreed that each bishop had to establish a seminary within his diocese. This was meant to ensure that there were training facilities, within each diocese, for the candidates for priesthood. The council also decreed that candidate for priesthood had to be firmly grounded in Theology, the candidates also were required to lead a virtuous life (The Council of Trent (1545-1563): Roman Catholic Church, Web.). ...
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