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Documentary Hypothesis Name of student: Name of Professor: Course name: Date & year Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy forms the first five books of the bible. Collectively, these books are referred to as the “Pentateuch,” and have been considered one of the most important collections of the Old Testament.


This has been the subject of controversy over years. To the proponents of documentary hypothesis, the book of Leviticus, which is also one of the Pentateuch books was not written by one person, Moses, but instead was a product of various others. Of course, there exists archeological and historical fabrications and evidence which explicitly supports this line of thought. While the debate about documentary evidence continues, there is also compelling evidence to believe the former. It is the intent of this paper to explore arguments against documentary evidence and to show Moses’ authenticity and single handedness in drafting Leviticus. The Hebrew derives the title of Leviticus from the initial word in it Wayyiqra’, which when translated implies “and He [the Lord] called” (1:1). The use of the conjunction “and” describes that Leviticus is a continuation of the previous chapter, Exodus, the flow of thought in this case is continuous and there is no break.1 At the same time, the English title of the book is derived from the word “Vulgate” which is a Latin version, which referred to this book as Liber Leviticus. ...
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