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Academic Review of How To Help A Friend By Selwyn Hughes Course and code Date Name of student Name of Institute Academic Review of How To Help A Friend By Selwyn Hughes In this book, Selwyn focuses on how to go about the counseling ministry. Whereas the author also adopts the psychological principles in counseling, it is important to note that the foundation of counseling in “How To Help A Friend,” is purely a Christian approach.


11). One may observe that by basing his model on Biblical principled and insights, Hughes simplifies the process of counseling. He focuses on importance of communication during the counseling process as a vital technique. Hughes also offers guidance particularly for young people in the church who face identity crisis such as the question of “who am I?” For Hughes, human behavior may be seen as a result of chance. On the effectiveness of the suggested counseling techniques in the context of a local church, and the suggested skills application in the Christian counseling process, Hughes model would apply as follows. In consideration of the uniqueness of Christian counseling, the context of a local church is better approached from the segment. There is the youth ministry, the church as a whole and the church leadership (Collins, 2007, p. 47). Hughes model would apply in totality for all the segments. The only difference would be the kind of approach and the issues at hand. The common ground in the technique is that the approach is rooted in the man’s relationship with God. ...
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