Term Paper for History of the Catholic Church (Topic: Pope Gregory I)

Term Paper for History of the Catholic Church (Topic: Pope Gregory I) Essay example
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Name Tutor Course Date Pope Gregory I Introduction Pope Gregory I was born in 540 AD in Rome during a politically unstable period whereby Rome's leadership changed hands four times within a span of six years, between 546 and 552 AD. Within this period also, the Justinian plague brought about famine throughout Italy and this caused rioting among the Roman citizens.


The religious atmosphere of Gregory's home played a big role in his education. His devotion to God started while he was a youth and spent much of his time on the scriptures as well as listening to the elder's advice. The strong character of Gregory pushed him up a public career such that at the age of thirty years, he had assumed the position of the prefect of the city, the highest civil position in the city. However, around 574 AD, Gregory left his prestigious position and decided to become a monk. His decision was so firm that he converted his Silician estates and home into monasteries after the death of his father and dedicated them to the apostle St. Andrew. For three years, Gregory led a solitary life in the monastery until he was ordained as a deacon of Rome. Around this time, the Lombards were fast advancing towards Rome, thereby posing a safety threat. This prompted Pope Pelagius II to seek help from Emperor Tiberius by setting up an embassy at Byzantium. The pope sent Gregory to the court of Byzantium as his apocrisiarius (which is Latin word for a permanent ambassador) where he served for six years. ...
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