What does the book "The American born Chinese" reveal about the American religious experience?

What does the book "The American born Chinese" reveal about the American religious experience? Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The protagonist of the story is from a conservative Chinese background and cannot assimilate with the American people. But it is to be understood that he find Americans less religious and pious which he cannot accept.


We can see that being an Asian and of Chinese origin, Jin Wang has difficulty is exposing his religious idea and practices in America. He cannot communicate and interact with the Westerners and feel alienated in the community. He is from Chinese background but hesitate to mingle with Asian people. Here, the author is trying to show the world the difference between Asian and American religious perception. From this book it can be understood that American religious experience is less deep and direct than Eastern religious concepts. (Thesis) In America people are more materialistic and they see life as something for pleasure. If we look at the cultural and religious value of Jin Wang, he finds it hard to express it to his peers as he finds it embarrassing. Obviously, the religious beliefs of American people are less prominent than Chinese or Asian people. We can see that most, the American do is visit church and pray. They don’t have beliefs and mythology like Asians or Chinese. The author has made a comic of the story by introducing the Monkey King of Asian mythology to entice the readers. This is the overly and superstitious representation of Asian religious beliefs which is alien to American ideologies. Here, we can see that American religion does not feature gods like Chinese religion and other Asian religion. Asian religion is more based on legends and mythological stories whereas American live on religious laws which are practical. ...
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