Holi Hindu Festival. The Festival of Colors

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Holi Hindu Festival: The festival of colours The Hindu festival of colour also referred to as Holi usually takes place on the day full moon is spotted in the Indian lunar month of Phalguna. The festival usually begins sometime in February as the month ends and the onset of the month of March (Morrill 27).


Musicians bang on drums in streets in a celebration that ushers the coming of spring while gangs of youth wander the streets with collection of colorants in search of victims. The festival does not even spare foreigners; hence, foreigners don some old clothes during the festival because some dyes are permanent (Friedland 377). Celebrations of Holi occur throughout India, Bangladesh and Nepal as well as the Hindu Diaspora across the globe; although, the celebrations are in the region of Braj where different towns have different traditions (Friedland 377). The countryside lights up with many bonfires in celebrating good over evil by throwing brightly coloured powder and water on everybody around and people exchange gifts. The festival signifies the end of winter and the beginning of summer in Northern India; moreover, the festival is associated with various legends in Hindu mythology. One legend indicate that King Hiranyakashipu became so proud of himself that he considered himself God; however, his son Prahlad defied him, which angered the king and resolved to kill him (Dogra, Urmila and Vijay 26). His sister was endowed with a blessing that allowed her never to be burn by fire. ...
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