What roles do religions play in Appiah's analysis? How is your approach similar to or different from his?

What roles do religions play in Appiah
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Religion and Theology
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Religion has very diverse roles in the society. It is important to highlight that religion act as a bridge that connects different people from different cultures. It is also important to note that religion always gives people consolation and solution for problems.


Let me highlight that most people have always sought the assistance of religion when cumbered with spiritual and social problems. This paper will therefore give a vivid explanation of Appiah’s story. Appiah has given a vibrant explanation of importance of religion. The following are the importance of religion according to Appiah. I will keenly observe the points raised by Appiah. In so doing I will criticize, such points to ascertain whether they are true. The importance of kingship is highlighted by Appiah to be very important. The arrival of the king at the palace is described as horrific. It is noted that the king wore quill of porcupine looking like a worrier ready to devour. In this way, the importance of the king in the Asante kingdom is very significant. This shows that kingship plays an integral part of Asante religion. Appiah highlights that when the king arrived, everyone remained standing until the king settled on the throne. This shows that the people had high degree of respect for their king (Furness 2009). The importance of modern religion has been highlighted in Appiah’s story. He was able to notice the picture of the king greeting the pope on the wall of the palace. ...
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