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The issue of abortion has been one of the most controversial topics of all times in the American history.Abortion is a global issue that has attracted diversified opinion across people based on culture and political affiliations


Most of the legislations have focused on reducing induced abortion, its advocates have had two lines of thoughts which have kept on changing with time. There are those who have stood by the ‘pro-life’ concept while others ‘pro-choice’. In addition, states have also begun to consider the issue of spontaneous abortion. Despite the anti-abortion laws, there several cases of abortion that continues to be experienced across the country. American laws on abortion have a long history, dating back in 19th Century. Individual states in America started making legislation about abortion, as incidences of abortion were becoming noticeable (Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada 2). . The states of Connecticut was one of the pioneers in legislating on abortion related issue where they made a law that was to prosecute apothecaries who were selling poison to women, a situation that led to abortion. Other states followed suit including the New York City. It is notable that the laws adopted by the United States at independence were based on the British Common Law, it was clear from the law that life began at conception and all should protect its dignity. At the beginning of the 20th Century, abortion was considered a felony across all the states. It was a criminal offense punishable in a court of law. ...
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