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the world was created by God

In addition, there is no one being that has the power and skill to create the world. The Jainas contend that, if God were truly omnipresent and omniscient as claimed by the Naiyayika, then he would have to be everywhere and would require adsorbing himself to everything. Everything would have to be adsorbed to into his own self also, which would not leave anything to exist outside of him. His omniscient nature would also make him have the ability to experience hell since he would know everything and the knowledge he would have would be a direct experience. Therefore, his omnipresent and omniscient presence is put into question. The Jainas also contend that, a spiritual God would not have the ability to create material things because he had no raw material to do this. This argument posits that claiming the raw material rose naturally was to err because this would mean that the whole world might as well have created itself and come to be naturally in a similar way (Van Voorst 134). ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Jainism and Creation The Jainas argue that there is no supernatural God in existence and they are against gods in general, as well as the creative capabilities of God (Jain 10). To prove that God did not create the world, they presented various arguments, which were mainly against the Naiyayika and their arguments that God, an intelligent being, created the world and that the world was the effect of nature…
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