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The world was created by God - Term Paper Example

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In addition, there is no one being that has the power and skill to create the world. The Jainas contend that, if God were truly omnipresent and omniscient as claimed by the Naiyayika, then he would have to be everywhere and would require adsorbing himself to everything. Everything would have to be adsorbed to into his own self also, which would not leave anything to exist outside of him. His omniscient nature would also make him have the ability to experience hell since he would know everything and the knowledge he would have would be a direct experience. Therefore, his omnipresent and omniscient presence is put into question. The Jainas also contend that, a spiritual God would not have the ability to create material things because he had no raw material to do this. This argument posits that claiming the raw material rose naturally was to err because this would mean that the whole world might as well have created itself and come to be naturally in a similar way (Van Voorst 134). From this argument, the Jainas seem to contend that understanding the world as being the cause of an effect is difficult since if effect is taken to mean the world is made of parts, even space would, in this case, have to be regarded as having been an effect of God’s creation. If this effect were to mean that something that did not exist before being the result of a cause with coherence, it is not possible to talk of the world as being the effect of the creative ability of God because all atoms have been there since the beginning. In addition, if it means that God created things that are liable to being changed over time, then it should be argued that God was and still is liable to being changed. God would also need a creator who would create him and that creator would need another creator to create him and on and on. From the Jainas argument, such kind of creation would cause infinite regress. Finally, the Jainas contend that if God was complete and perfect prior to creating the world, the will to create the world would never have arisen in him, and if he were not perfect, he would not have the ability to create the world anymore than a potter would (Van Voorst 134). The view of God as an all-embracing and formless also renders him unable to create the world because he would have no desire to form or create anything. The Jainas contend that if God would have to be imperfect because he would have to possess the intelligence of humans. If this was not the case and God’s intelligence was only similar to that of humans, he would still have to possess a body because all intelligent beings in the world have bodies. Embodied intelligence is necessary if God should have the ability to produce a will. God would also not have gained any advantage from creating the universe since he is perfect as well (Van Voorst 134). According to the Jaina, it is unnecessary to assume a first-cause or a creator because there must also be a being who led to the first cause. For the Jainas, it is more probable and logical to assume that the world has always existed and that it has gone through many changes (Jain 45). Nature and not a deity or God drives these changes, which also led to the Jainas not having any stories to explain creation. The world and everything that is in it, including motion principles, time, soul, space, and ...Show more
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Jainism and Creation The Jainas argue that there is no supernatural God in existence and they are against gods in general, as well as the creative capabilities of God (Jain 10). To prove that God did not create the world, they presented various arguments, which were mainly against the Naiyayika and their arguments that God, an intelligent being, created the world and that the world was the effect of nature…
The world was created by God
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