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Compare and contrast three stories from three different cultures - Essay Example

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Compare and contrast three stories from three different cultures

The essay will juxtapose these stories and discuss their differences and similarities between these three stories according to cultural standards and human psychology. The Greek myth that relates the conception of Helen is perhaps the most intriguing as it involves not only an obscene case bestiality, but also the conception of a demigod after that encounter. The legend of Helen of Troy is most popular because of its Hollywood depiction and the many mystical events surrounding the event. Helen was the most beautiful women that made men go to war for her but she was also the product of an odd love affair between her mother Leda and the Greek god of Thunder and the father of gods, Zeus. There are many myths and legends in which Zeus was known for ravishing young women and producing many offspring that grow up to become godly or heroic figures in their mythology. However, in this particular tradition, Zeus transforms himself in to a swan to have intercourse with Leda, who in turn lays two eggs and gives birth to a daughter named Helen and a son named, Polydeuces. There are many alternating versions of the story and this is why, it is not known whether Leda was actually seduced or raped by Zeus. Moreover, at the same time Leda was known to have given birth to two of her other children after sleeping with her husband, Tyndareus. (Cavendish 2005, 811) The second myth narrate the story of Osiris and Isis, the former was deceived and killed by his jealous whereas the latter, who was the sister and wife of Osiris and also the patroness of nature and magic. After her husband was tricked and murdered by Seth, his body was dismembered in to 14 pieces and scattered throughout the land of Egypt. Isis with the help of her sister and Seth’s wife, Nephthys located all 13 parts of his body; which also represent one of the 14 full moons in one year. The last part was devoured by a fish that is Isis had to create a phallus made of gold and then brought Osiris back to life by singing to him. As a result, Osiris became the lord of the underworld and together they created Horus, who went on to defeat Seth and reclaim the kingdom of Egypt. As Osiris was murdered out of jealous, the night signified the darkness that is associated with such a heinous trait and crime. However, the moon that becomes the only source of light became associated with the resurrected Osiris and the righteous ones who died were exalted to the status of a star that brightened up an otherwise dark sky. (Pugliano-Martin 2011, 22) On the other hand, the primary plot revolving around the one thousand and one Arabian nights is the story of a Persian King, who is betrayed by his wife and upon seeing his brother’s wife’s infidelity; he convinces himself that all women are evil. He not only has his wife and his brother’s wife executed but each day he marries a maiden and then the very next day he has them executed. The king’s grand Vizier became increasingly worried at the King’s madness but stayed mum until her daughter Scheherazade volunteers to become the next bride. Although he is reluctant at first but quickly places his faith in his daughter, who assures him that she would put an end to the massacre. On their wedding night she begins to tell her husband, the king a story but does not tell him the end as it dawn, her scheduled time to be executed. The king is fascinated by ...Show more


[Author’s name] Mythology Mythology, Folk Tales and Fairy tales are not only the building blocks of one’s childhood but they are also defining feature of a culture (Thomas 1982). According to the Jungian philosophy, the origin of these stories provide insight into the psychological shaping or modeling that the individuals are exposed to and also discuss the initiative aspects of these stories…
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Compare and contrast three stories from three different cultures
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