Ethical Issues: Justice & allocation of resources

Ethical Issues: Justice & allocation of resources Essay example
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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Decision Making a) Informed Consent: This term commonly refers the phenomenon involving the recognition that all the persons have unconditional liberty to determine his/her own path whether agreement or disagreement regarding any issue.


In organizational structures some decisions are taken by upper management that can be harmful to the objective of organization. In such a situation it is a moral responsibility of the person to inform the authorities about the risks involved in their decisions. If issue is related in providing positive or negative impacts to society to public and management does not agrees with the individual than it is responsibility of that person to inform law enforcement agencies about the situation (IRB) (McCarrick). b) Confidentiality: A relationship in which all the communications done between individuals or departments is kept in secret is called confidential relation; and the phenomenon behind this is known as confidentiality. In other words, confidentiality or confidential information generally refers to information or communication done between individuals, departments including trade secrets, production and customer details, partnership and information that are held by departments as a secret for national security or other issues. Confidentiality does not harm individual freedom or liberty a person has in the society or in law. Normally an individual is considered to have freedom or liberty when it is concerned to make decisions that are related to personal life of an individual. ...
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