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Saudi Women Gender equality is a controversial subject in Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi Arabia are not enjoying any freedom in their social, economic and political life. They are not allowed to go out alone or drive their vehicles. The inability of Saudi women in driving their own vehicles and the ill-treatment they receive from the patriarchal and male dominated Saudi society is a highly debated topic now.


“An Arabic newspaper recently alleged that Saudi women are the most beautiful and pampered women in the world. The article asserted that princesses do not drive cars by themselves and neither do Saudi women” (Almansour). This paper critically analyses the claim put forward by this newspaper. It appears that the newspaper made the allegations against Saudi women to placate them so they would stop raising demands for their basic rights. Because of the growing international exposures, Saudi women are getting more awareness about the oppression they are facing in the society now. Social media websites and foreign education (UK/US education) are helping them to compare their social life with that of the women in other countries. Modern Saudi women know very well that gender equality is a natural right or a basic right for them and the dominant male community is trying to deny it. In Saudi, “gender equality means that the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favored equally” (Alsaleh, N.d., p.124). However, Saudi culture does not provide equality to men and women as the west culture does. ...
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