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  • The Kung, Wogeo, Huichol, and Sherpas differ significantly in their social organization. Use the ethnographies Boiling Energy, S

The Kung, Wogeo, Huichol, and Sherpas differ significantly in their social organization. Use the ethnographies Boiling Energy, S - Essay Example

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The Kung, Wogeo, Huichol, and Sherpas differ significantly in their social organization. Use the ethnographies Boiling Energy, S

However, these cultural practices differ from vast people in other parts of the world as depicted by four ethnographies derived from diverse parts of the world. Analysis The fact that different individuals in the world have their own practices is depicted by Richard Katz in his ethnography “The Kung - Boiling energy”. In the book, the author outlines the cultural and spiritual way of life practiced by the Kung people in the Kalahari desert in South Africa. One major captivating aspect that the book reveals concerning culture and spirituality is Kung’s unique dance that seems to provide the focal point because anthropologists consider it as a primary ritual that encompasses and expresses cosmology, medicine and religion in a simultaneous manner. The healing dance as it is commonly known is practiced at specific periods of the time of the year and amazingly, everyone in the community participates because these people believe that each one of them has a “sickness” on one way or the other (Katz 332). In this regard, the Kung people believe that illnesses could be physical, emotional or even spiritual and the healing dance simultaneously heals all illnesses irrespective of the sickness nature. Therefore, the healing dance contains much more than just healing because it helps individuals release tension and energy that eventually transform people’s inner feelings. On a general perspective, the healing dance represents the spirituality of the Kung people because after the dance these individuals feel nourished, rejuvenated and reborn just like an individual from the west would feel after seeking spiritual intervention from a church (Katz 332). Therefore, the healing dance greatly affects the religious life of the people of Kung. Another ethnography depicting a different social organization is Barbara G. Myerhoff in her book “Peyote Hunt”. The ethnography is a story of a Native American ethnic group from western central Mexico, whose culture and spirituality is signified by its ancient practices. Though the book encompasses vast research findings from other sources, the author brings out the Huichol’s religion and culture through personal experience. Ideally, the Huichol people practices vast rituals that involve weeping, singing and contacting the ancestral spirits. Among its numerous practices, the Huichol’s practice a ritual of deer hunting because they believe that deer meat is a source of nourishment due to the magic power that the meat contains. Prior to the magical meat granted by the deer, the hunting experience provides a deep spiritual connection and fulfillment because it brings together people and all creatures (Myerhoff 16). In addition, the Huichol people also adore the maize because they believe that it fosters morality and emotions in their own way of understanding. Though the interrelationship between the Huichol’s and the maize is weird they claim that maize is their life and they greatly interconnect. Generally, the deer-maize-peyote complex is the way of life that determines Huichol’s cultural and religious life because it helps them refresh their inner personality emotionally, physically and spiritually by hunting the Peyote, eating its meat and exercising the maize ritual (Myerhoff 16). On a different perspective, Ian Hogbin chips in with his ...Show more


Name Institution Course Instructor Date Analysis of Different Ethnographies That Depict How Social Organization Affects Religious Life Introduction The world is full of different cultures that deal with spiritual and social aspects in vast ways. This means that different people handle different spirituality, cosmology and culture in different ways, which eventually determine the way they respond to community gatherings, religion and medicine…
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The Kung, Wogeo, Huichol, and Sherpas differ significantly in their social organization. Use the ethnographies Boiling Energy, S essay example
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