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Apocalyptic Literature - The Book Life of Pi and Film Big Fish - Essay Example


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Apocalyptic Literature - The Book Life of Pi and Film Big Fish

These forms of art simulate controversies on how earth and humanity will be brought to termination by extraterrestrial powers. In modern age it is evident that human psyche has ventured into unchartered territories of imagination in trying to portray apocalyptic fictions. In this essay, we will extrapolate the role of apocalyptic literature both within religious and artistic context in appraising the depth and breadth of apocalyptic imaginations. Apocalypse of John as contained within the book of Revelation demonstrates the manner in which eventually, good will triumph over evil. As a sacred text, most Christian denominations use John’s revelation as a basis of explaining prophetic happenings in present age, and in creation a visual projection of the end times. Revelation of John tries to teach Christians about the just nature of God and the ultimate purpose of humanity. John describes about endless wars that will destroy humanity. In addition, the books extrapolate on the rescue of righteous people from destructive powers of God’s punishment. Similar to another apocalyptic literature, the book “Life of Pi” is based on a story of a boy stranded on a wrenching ship with a tiger (Yann 25). It revolves around importance of faith in life threatening situations. On the other hand, the film “Big Fish” is a fantasy piece of art based on a metaphorical perception of an immortal and uncatchable fish. In this context, it is undeniable that “Life of Pi” and “Big Fish” tries to create apocalyptic visions

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One book that I have read on several different occasions since I arrive to this country is Life of Pi, and I think one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that though it has language that is not too difficult, the ideas in it are very complex and provide me a lot to think about.
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Abstract The paper circumscribes around the elucidation of one of the significant characters of human behavior that is will power with respect to that of the famous novel, “Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel. Through the narration in a first person conjecture in the novel the author tries to explain that the human beings with their will power can attain harmony and infuse within them an immense tolerance level which provides solutions to various complications related to the survival of the living beings on the earth.
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The teenager is Pi and the tiger is named Richard Parker, which may sound a little incongruous. Hence, as is evident, on the surface the movie pretends to be a crash course for the dummies who want to learn the fine art of surviving when stranded on a fragile boat in the Pacific, while being accompanied by a full grown Royal Bengal Tiger.
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The novel is written into four sections with each having significance in the overall story and thematic expression of the author. The first describes Pi’s life from childhood and the origin of his name. It also describes the lifestyle they led as family, the influences that impacted on his life.
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Life of Pi
The book has three parts, but works as a whole as well. The first part is a young boy's rumination on spirituality and Indian life.The second part is a blend of a detailed and realistic survival memoir and a fantastic allegory in a medieval style.
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The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
For the Transport minister and his assistant this story is hard to believe. A boy can not survive with a ferocious tiger in a life boat for so many days. For their investigation, they need words that reflect reality i.e. a story without animals, without tigers, orangutan, hyenas or zebras.
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They say that they find his story quite interesting but express their disbelief. The two officers use their reasoning and find the story untrue. They do not understand how Pi survived for all that long time living with a tiger in the boat. Okamoto says that
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similar to that in the book of Revelation. The operating thesis statement in the essay is that the use of symbolism plays a significant role in facilitating delivery of apocalyptic message in religious literature and casual art. With respect to apocalypse of John, literary construction of Revelation involves substantial use of symbolism. In actual practice, this technique of using symbols within the book of Revelation either enhances or obscures the readers meaning. Within the apocalypse, John vividly describes heaven as a place with a street of gold. John also adds considerable reference to the color white in the clothes worn by angels and in referring to the color of horses in heaven. In this context, it would be illogical to regard gold and white colors in literal sense. Gold is a symbol of wealth. Its rarity signifies preciousness in ownership. This means that heaven is filled with vast wealth as a reward to righteous Christians after the end of the world. On the other hand, white color symbolizes purity and cleanliness. In this case, white clothed angels demonstrated purity of God’s servants. In addition, John constantly mentions of God cursing the earth not with water but with fire coming down from heaven as a punishment for unrighteous people. Fire is a symbol of harsh and painful reward that sinful humans will receive at the end times. “Life of Pi” shows how fiction is used to predict inevitability of friendship with nature during the end times. In this case, “Life of Pi” adopts the use of a fictional friendship between the Indian boy and the Bengal Tiger as a symbol of apocalyptic peace. In real life, Bengal tigers are known to being the fiercest animals on earth. In actual context, Bengal tigers are untamable and unfriendly to humans. However, Pi founds himself with an unrestrained tiger inside a


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: In religious doctrines, sacred texts contain varied visions and revelation of the end times in the history of humanity. In Christianity, content of apocalyptic texts like the book of Revelation in the New Testament paints a vivid image of symbolism in creating a vision surrounding the end of the world…
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Apocalyptic Literature - The Book Life of Pi and Film Big Fish essay example
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