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Title: Name: Course Number: Date: Instructor: Introduction The sacraments in the Catholic Church are divided into three categories: The sacraments of initiation The sacraments of healing The sacraments at the service of communion This current research will focus on the sacrament of initiation which is further subdivided into three stages: The sacrament of baptism The sacrament of Confirmation The sacrament of Eucharist The sacrament of baptism is considered as an initiation sacrament which is supposed to initiate a member into the church.


Baptism is seen as a way to salvation for the Catholics who consider the church as the universal sacrament of salvation. Catholics believe that the manner in which one is baptized is not important but the idea that they are baptized is. The person administering the sacrament must not be a priest but anyone who has undergone baptism themselves. However, during critical moments for instance in sickness or near death, anyone can administer the sacrament provided they follow the right way of doing it. The father or other right authority will then conduct a conditional baptism (Vorgrimler, 2002). This paper will seek to critically evaluate the concept of the sacrament of baptism and its relevance in a Christian’s life or at least for the churches that practice it. The paper will seek to view the sacrament from other Christians views and also give a scholarly critique to the act. This paper will evaluate what the bible says in the old and new testaments about salvation and baptism. ...
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