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Name: Xinyang He Instructor: Dr. Bob Carpenter Course: BIBL-4523-03 Date: 10/12/2013 Naturalism on Evolution Naturalism is an approach to religion that is devoid of supernaturalism but deeply entrenched in the scientific understanding of nature and the world but incorporates the religious perspective of a life well lived.


In trying to understand the nature and seek explanations of natural processes, naturalists use science as their main resource. Science provides essential details for naturalism to base its facts. Such includes the human behavioural model. Some people believe that science and religion are very different and irreconcilable as science is based on rationality as opposed to the faith which is irrationality. Those who argue against religion assert that it is based on beliefs that are not immediately satisfied by evidence. The ones on the science side have the luxury of having a good amount of evidence to support their claims. All in all, both sides believe what they practice is the ideal practice. Other people believe that naturalism is the home of reconciliation between science and religion with yet some irreconcilable discrepancies showing conflict between naturalism and science. To a certain extent, naturalism tries to bring insights that could offer reconciliation but there still persists elements that disregard the reconciliatory ground. This leads to treatment of naturalism as a subject that stands on its own. Evolution is the scientific explanation of the origin of life in nature that was proposed by Charles Darwin, and it remains one of the most contentious and hotly debated issues in religious naturalism. ...
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