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Religion and Theology
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Husein: From the religious perspective, extending their laws to encompass other religions seems easy to them. Jewish laws are normally regarded as accommodating since they can be easily followed by other religions. David: Good example is the basic commandments from the Jewish law practiced in the rest of the world.


This may be contrary to Jewish states which are run in accordance to Jewish law through special administrative courts. Individuals from Jewish background easily co-exist with others despite their conservative nature towards their beliefs. This shows why currently, the major secular Jewish defense agencies incorporate personnel capable and devoted to handling interfaith affairs. They create opportunities where members of other faith religions are allowed to discuss and dialogue. David: Health care providers focus on giving appropriate care to patients from different religious backgrounds. This calls for nurses to acquire as much knowledge as they can concern various religious beliefs and their cultural practices for the purposes of providing quality healthcare. Common "religions often encountered within health care domains are Baha’ism, Buddhism and Sikhism" (Puchalski and Romer, 2000). However, such religions share a number of similarities and differences. Diversity in religions and faith belief systems provides enough challenges within the health care sector. ...
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