The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization

The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization Essay example
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Name Institution Date Part 1 The Edge The author focused on the experiences of the individuals living in the edge situations. This involves those cases where the involved persons were processing some changes to Islamic religion by conversion or Reconnections towards the religious roots of some kind of spiritual renewal.


The successor state and the Caliphate, the Munghalsand the Safavids, Islam law development and interest issues that come because of the confrontation of medieval with the ideas of Aristotelian (center). The second issue was that the author wanted to avoid using the word margin and periphery, since the two words are commonly perceived as geographical words. These words take into consideration the center. The third reason involved the fact that terminologies like edge and cutting edge will fit into the contention of the edge in Islam instead of the center which is a place where many new categories of things occur. The author also argues out that the lack of an ecclesiastical hierarchy, the Islamic narratives put the institutions of politics at the story center like those of the Caliphate followed by the plethora of the succeeding states all having juris consults, judges, and inspectors of the market as identified by the sheria. This means that like individuals having full faith the Islam find vital identity elements and solace in observing those practices that they encountered first. The local custom fails to provide guidance for the people who consider a shift in the identity of religion through embracing a varied ancestral faith or rather by changing to different religions. ...
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