Theories of the origin of religion by Durkheim and Freud.

Theories of the origin of religion by Durkheim and Freud. Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The present paper aims to make a comparative analysis of the theories articulated by Emile Durkheim and Sigmund Freud elucidating the origin of religion.


Since faith has always been a subject of grave concern for a large majority of the people belonging to diverse ethno-racial and social backgrounds since ever, the topic maintains great sociological significance in its scope. Religion is rightly stated to be an essential part of the public and private life of the individuals belonging to various cultures and civilisations since the known history of the globe (R Lowe, 1963:532-3). It is partly because of man’s developing strong belief in the metaphysical objects and supernatural powers existing in the universe, with which man maintains emotional and sentimental association (C Ember & M Ember, 2007:393). These supernatural powers are considered to be strongly influencing the destiny of the people by dint of their control over the universal phenomena. Not only this that these powers are in a position of providing the humans with emotional and financial support, but also they serve as the forces that play decisive role in protecting them from all internal setbacks and external threats (A Kroeber, 1963:82-3). Additionionally, these forces are thought to be having the power to inflict woes and pains upon the humans; as well as liberating them from these calamities at the moment when the humans seek their support on finding themselves absolutely vulnerable. ...
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