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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Rwandan Genocide The Outline 1. Introduction i. Defining Rwanda genocide The Rwanda genocide is one of the global most devastating ethnic mass slaughters that took place in 1994 involving the Tutsis and the Hutus ethnic groups.


Organization of the genocide In coordination with the military, the killings primary responsibility rest with the two Hutu militias organized for the genocide purpose through political parties. The Tutsi after ending the peace agreement restarted an offensive attack defeating the army and ending up controlling the country. The modern Rwanda has set two public holidays in commemoration of the incident. The genocide was under the support and coordination of the national government, civil officials, the military and the mass media. iii. How the genocide ended It took a period of 100 days before the genocide ended with an estimated death of 500000-1000000 people. iv. Thesis Statement The Rwandan genocide resulted in material and human losses, social disorder and psychological trauma leaving the country paralyzed economically, socially and politically 2. The consequences of the Rwandan genocide i. Social Effects The genocide affected every social class with large segment of the population subjected to very traumatic events and losses ii. The Losses Over 97 percent of the genocide survivors had lost a close relative to the mass killings. Close to one million people lost their lives, 400,000 children included. iii. Reconciliation problems Both the Tutsi and the Hutu ethnic groups feel victimized through the genocide events and the subsequent migration. ...
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