evil and its symbols Final Take home Exam/ FINAL ESSAY

evil and its symbols Final Take home Exam/ FINAL ESSAY Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Name Professor’s name Course number Date THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE Outline Rwanda is a landlocked country that covers about 26,338 kilometres squared with regards to size. The country is surrounded by Congo, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda (Netherlands International Law Review, 48) .


It is in the year 1994 that Rwanda puts itself into the limelight of the world for the wrong reasons. It is in this year- 1994 that over 800,00 Rwandan citizens were brutally murdered in what is described as one of the worst genocides that the world has ever seen in the 20th century. The Tutsis and Hutu people that supported them were brutally murdered by the Hutu militias. The Hutu militias went around the country encouraging the ordinary citizens to get rid of the Tutsis. Between the months of April and July that when America and Europe were looking into the issue that Rwanda got into a general state of fear and panic. Despite the fact that the two ethnic groups murdered each other, they speak the same language, lived in the same region for many years and shared the same traditions. One of the few things that is noticeable between these two ethnic groups is that they are barely different at all. The two groups were so similar for a long time that, even when the Belgian colonialists arrived, they had not noted any difference after which they started treating them differently. The Belgian colonialists come to believe that the minority Tutsis were more superior and they offered them superior jobs and education compared to the Hutus. It was this action that led to the rise of tensions of ethnicity between the two groups. ...
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