The Incarnation of the Word, based on the Classic writings of Athanasius

The Incarnation of the Word, based on the Classic writings of Athanasius Essay example
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Name Institution Tutor Course Date Athanasius doctrine Athanasius was a saint and the 20th bishop of Alexandria and was originally of the Coptic Orthodox denomination. Athanasius spent a significant part of his life specifically seventeen years in forced exile under different serving emperors in Rome.


On the other hand, Trinitarianism was the theological approach that Athanasius advocated for that defines God as being three divine persons constituting of the Father, Jesus as the Son and the third person as the Holy Spirit. In one of Athanasius’ recognized literature, this theologian sought to explain the principle reasons why God incarnated in the flesh, which was the purpose of the converting the sinful to holiness. With this, this essay will summarize the main points embedded in Athanasius’ theology and also give an insightful analysis of the principal points that Athanasius discussed about incarnation. One of the key concepts that v communicated in his doctrine was the fact that man could never understand the ways of God despite him being created in His divine image. However, man has the opportunity of understanding how his maker functions through His grace and in this knowledge, man is able to live and prosper. Principally, Athanasius intimates that it is God’s desire for man to know Him and for man to revere in His delight in which the creation of the universe was for the sole purpose of self-revelation. ...
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