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Role of women in Christian Leadership

Some of these arguments are against women leadership in churches while others seek to justify the need to have women leaders in church. All quarters seek to justify their stand on the issue using the Bible as their basis (Scott, 2002, p. 27). In 1Timothy 2:12, Paul says he does not permit women to have authority over men in the church. He also bars them from teaching. According to him, a woman is to be submissive and silent. He goes further to quote the Genesis creation story and states that God created man first before the woman. He goes further to say that, it was Eve that first fell to temptation and not Adam. This may have formed the basis for his argument against women leadership in the early church. Going backwards, we see Paul stating the appropriate dress code for women as he sees it fit (1Timothy 2:9). This brings out yet another possible reason for Paul’s stand. He may have noted the danger in how women dressed in church and that is why he emphasized on how they were to dress. He possibly saw that in their quest to look good, women might end up overdoing it to the extent that it affects their ministry in the church. It may also form ground for competition among them thus causing them to deviate from their main roles of leadership. Such competition could be harmful to the church as it could escalate and cause division as they try to outdo each other. ...
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Timothy 2:12 andCorinthians 14:34 bring out the issue of women leadership in church and whether it is acceptable or not.Different arguments have come out as regards this issue based on the different understandings of these passages in the Bible that touch on women leadership …
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