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Human nature in the light of Revelation

The divide between God and man was the result of human sin and fall from heaven. But even in a fallen position, modern man is under obligation to observe righteousness by refraining from lies during our existence. Human beings must therefore cultivate real liberty by behaving in a way that is both natural and moral as the first humanity did before sin separated them with God. GS adds that in total despair, there is a heavenly spirit of conscience within the midst of human beings. Death is therefore a painful reminder to humans, of the life in the beginning; it spreads a spirit of melancholy and despair in people’s souls, but strongly delivers the message of the significance and might of God when human beings have no hope left in our hearts. Death has been, according to GS, a natural vocation by God in the current environment. Then GS proceeds with the argument, drawing upon the anthropological aspect of theology in Jesus Christ, the First Man, and the human existence being at the whims of the Supreme Deity (Schu 64). By virtue of Jesus being the God’s son and messenger, He creates the God’s power in human beings by taking the form of a human being, and through God’s spiritual power, Jesus redeems the image and integrity of man who is naturally a sinner. Jesus, therefore, midwifes the spiritual redemption of human beings (Healy 34-41). ...
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Insert name Tutor Course Date Human nature in the light of Revelation Although the modern man takes the image of a complicated being, having been a decent of past generations, the backdrop of ideal modern man according to GS in his or her aspirations and challenges being unique among creatures of God…
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