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Name Professor Course Date Identity and Comfortableness with Feelings Many students have found it difficult to recognize their pastoral identity. Pastoral identity is about relating professional moral responsibilities to the service of people. in order for one to realize his or her pastoral identity, it is important to indentify the values, feelings and personality and the relationship with other people.


Pastoral service entails self actualization as it is a profession that gives a person the responsibility to act as a moral object to the society (Niklas 29). This aspect portrays one of the major roles of pastoral care apart from providing service to other people. Pastoral care also entails instilling a moral responsibility to through acting as a role model to the society. Many pastors, catechists and priest take up the role of the mirror in the society. For many students the essence of identity is professionalism. However vocation is a concrete factor influencing self identity as it is inspired by the desire to offer services to the community during the pastoral service. Pastoral care can therefore be referred to as a social service as well as a calling that pictures the pastoral minister as a role model as well as a servant to the society. Ethics in Pastoral Ministry Pastoral ministry has a broad application in the church than the council. Initially, the term minister was only reflected to preachers in the protestant churches. Pastoral role had not been internalized and understood by many people in the society hence the term was used to focus on the ordinary meaning thus ignoring the deeper aspect of ministries. ...
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