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Religion and Theology
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Name: Professor: Religion and Theology Date: Final Exam Section One 1. According to the ethical command to "do good and avoid evil", the individual is bound to follow their judgment of conscience. However, it is possible for the conscience to be in error. According to the Catholic Tradition, how does one protect, as best as possible, their conscience from error?


However, people are constrained to following this judgment of their conscience. In this case, there are things that depend on people’s conscience such as respecting others. On the other hand, sinning against other people is considered a way of wounding their conscience. Catholic Traditions teaches ways of protect from error such as ensuring that one is not get involved in things that would make another person fails. Apparently, teachings of Catholic traditions are based on goodness, fruits of spirit; though, this focuses on the contradictory side of evil. Moreover, these teachings propose two states of being, which include being submissive to God and goodness, and refraining from being involved with evil things. These teachings propose that people can only be involved with either God of the devil, and the conscience is considered erroneous through involvement with the latter. Knowledge gathered from Catholic traditional teachings is meant to establish a distinction between God and evil. Conscience is erroneous through evil, which is considered a way of utilizing power for destroying spiritual development of other people; besides, this serves as a way of defending and maintaining deluding integrity. ...
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