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Research Paper example - Face Veil Ban: how France and Turkey have dealt with this issue

Face Veil Ban: how France and Turkey have dealt with this issue Research Paper example
Research Paper
Religion and Theology
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This paper will attempt to seek out the enforcement of ban on full face veils in European countries particularly Turkey and France and will address the scenarios in a historical development manner. Thus preceding France, Turkey’s attempt to ban the veil in 1980s is discussed prior to the recent French imposition. …

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Forbidding the Muslim women from veiling their face or not, had been an extremely debated subject and was considerably argued in several places particularly in Europe i.e. France, Italy, Belgium, Spain etc. Recently, it has acquired impulsive nature across Europe and had attained its peak when France, although being the third largest European Muslim population, officially determined to forbid all forms of face veils acknowledged as hijabs, burqas, niqabs. This triggered huge outcries in lots of places.
It is necessary to develop some introductory know-how about the face veils prior to commencing any deeper into the principal issue. The face veil consists of a piece of cloth intentional to hide a woman’s major parts of body with its purposes to contribute the Muslim women greater security and freedom and as it is known that the face veils have started somehow to symbolize a Muslim woman and has become an attached tradition. Nevertheless it is reasonably controversial but this peculiar practice appears to lack any religious origin as the Qur'an verses may be interpreted in diverse ways and it is normally assumed that the Qur'an only advocates the practitioners to wear modest clothes publicly but does not assigns that they must put on face veils. Besides, the Muslim brotherhood considers veil as a basic requirement of Islam and a symbol of resistance of colonialism and westernization. Across Europe, the Arab world, Canada and in America, there has been a revitalization of Muslim females wearing the veil since the 1970s. However the decision to allow this symbolic clothing in schools has been a controversial debate in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and many other European countries aspirinfg the values of secularism. ...
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