Multi Marriage Issue in Islam 'polygamy'

 Multi Marriage Issue in Islam
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[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Course Number] [Date] The Concept of Polygamy: Multi Marriages in Islam Introduction: Multi-marriages or polygamy is an old, traditional and common practice among human beings irrespective of the religion followed by individuals in diversified regions.


Polygamy is simply a legal and religious permission in Islam for men to marry four women at a time. Although this command is more like an option, but not an obligation to all Muslims. In Islam and other religions, polygamy has been established and valued as an important institution (Philips and Jones). Even, before the advent of Islam in the Arab countries, the concept of polygamy used to exist, but it was in its worst form particularly because of illiteracy, absence of social or civic sense, and status of women in the society. When Islam came to light in the Arab countries, a number of issues were resolved; one of the most important one was the status of women in the society and matters of multi-marriages. Islam has redeveloped the institution of marriage as it has allowed men to marry four women for the purpose of helping needy women (Philips and Jones). It has furthermore ordained men to give equal rights to women in every regard. This paper aims to discuss a crucial matter of polygamy within the context of Islamic way of lifestyle elaboration and guidelines of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, the messenger of God. Additionally, we shall also spotlight the status of women before and after Islam, their rights, and orders sent by God in Quranic verses regarding welfare of widows, needy and divorced women. ...
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