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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Biblical Reference for the Catholic Mass Owing to the number of incidences that the church is facing today, many actions done by worshipers are subject to questions. However, the most valuable thing is that the Holy Scriptures are available for the relevant guidance.


The history of Christianity is a testimony justifying that fact, as the Catholic Mass has been the same way since the time of the Apostles and the first Christians. Sources opine the Mass as an interesting call as it links Christians to God in the flesh when they go in front for the Holy Communion1. This paper will give a biblical reference for the Catholic Mass. The Catholic Mass involves a ceremony, incense, and golden chalices. The early Christians were men of culture and time. They held ceremonial events because they were descendants of this style of worship. Later, Christians inherited these styles through organic and natural means from their Jewish origins. Before the Constantine legalized Christianity in Certa, Christians used inventories besides the Scriptures. According to the written inventories, Christians used a number of inventories, which included two golden chalices, six silver dishes, six silver chalices, seven silver lamps, and a silver bowl. This was indeed a ceremony! The Bible tells us that Noah prepared burnt offering whereby the scriptures establish that the “odor delighted the Lord” (Gen 8:21)2. This indicates that Catholic Mass has Biblical reference. Most Christians know about the Law of Moses, but remarkably few understand its link to Catholic Mass. A closer outlook shows that God did not come to pick the faithful or abolish the law but rather fulfill it. (Mat 5:17). ...
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