The Theology of the Emerging Church.

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THE THEOLOGY OF THE EMERGING CHURCHES Introduction The phenomenon that is the emerging church is not a movement but a conversation. This is what its leaders and members want to call it. Its definition can be explained by the experiences of the individuals and communities formed, but there are patterns that members practice with respect to their theological implications and of what they perceive a church should be.


Its members do not adhere to the traditional modernist dualisms of spirit and matter, mind and body, sacred or secular, but they want to go a different part in the midst of postmodernism.2 Thesis Statement: This paper aims to study the place of Christology in the theology of the Emerging Church. The need for the study The primary aim and mission of Emerging Church is to bring Christians from different denominations by making significant changes on how the church should be run and organized. This study will have ecumenical importance because it has implications on bringing the different churches together. The church is still diverse and fragmented movement; leaders just want to call it a conversation. They want to be heard and many of the different churches have been spreading their thoughts and beliefs through the different media including the Internet. ...
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