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Research Paper example - The relevance of the Lord's Prayer to Modern America: An Historical Perspective

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Research Paper
Religion and Theology
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The Relevance of the Lord’s Prayer to Modern America: An Historical Perspective Name Class Name Professor Name Date Introduction The Lord’s Prayer has long been considered one of the cornerstones of modern Christianity. It is used in almost every church, and in many situations inside and outside of the home…

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In a time and age where ‘daily bread’ must be taken merely metaphorically, it seems as though alterations may need to be made to the Lord’s Prayer to make it more relevant to modern lifestyles. The purpose of this research is to uncover the place that the Lord’s Prayer has in 21st century modern culture with a particular focus on the United States of America, the most Christian country in the Western world1. It will also place an emphasis on focusing on the words of St. Gregory of Nyssa, a fourth century bishop, and his words on the Lord’s Prayer. It is important that such a commonly used and revered prayer is analysed to assess it’s relevance in the culture that it is used in, particularly in such a dynamic and fluid culture as that of the United States. The Lord’s Prayer The Lord’s Prayer is incredibly central to Christianity. It appears not once, but twice within the New Testament, in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke2, with only minor differences between the two versions. Each line represents a significant concept in Christianity. The first line, “hallowed be thy name”, refers to the importance of revering God and appreciating the need to use care when speaking His name, for example3. ...
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