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The Meaning of Scholasticism Scholasticism is a term that is used to refer to an approach or method of instruction or study which was employed early education among schoolmen who were known as scholastics (Coakley and Andrea 2004). This approach to scholarship was used during the medieval times. Scholasticism as an education method lasted from about the year 1100 to 1500. In was common among early universities in Europe. Through Scholasticism, critical thought about scholarly concepts was achieved. This mode of education was employed to defend various theories, dogma and concepts in education. In addition, Scholasticism was used to communicate or articulate concepts in education between the educators and learners or among learners themselves (Coakley and Andrea 2004). More notably is the fact that Scholasticism emanated from schools which taught religious concept or the study of theology. This approach was used in Christian schools and universities within the British monarchies. Scholasticism became popular at the time and was considered the most effective way of presenting religions material and discussing concepts on Christianity and religion in general. Scholasticism as a method of learning however had attributes or characteristics that were different from theology and even philosophy. This is because unlike theology and philosophy, Scholasticism form of instruction allowed educators and articulators of religious material to employ dialectics in their mode of reasoning. This means that Scholasticism promoted the extension of religious knowledge through a critical thinking process which ended with inference about specific topics. Scholasticism played a central role in achieving comprehension of religious material and ideas that seemed contradictory (Coakley and Andrea 2004). This was achieved through a process of analytical interpretation of concepts and ideas in religion with a view of developing a reasoned justification on the distinction which existed among religious ideas, concepts and beliefs. Scholasticism was employed in religious studies within classrooms where concepts in religion that were disputed were discussed, thought upon to result into inferences and convincing distinction among concepts and ideas (Qualben 1936). Application of Scholasticism The topics that were discussed within the Scholasticism mode of study were taken from the cultural and religious values and the traditions of the scholars. After the topic was decided upon, question was designed to present an argument for a critical and procedural discussion. Suring the processes of study, opponents of the arguments first presented their responses on the question. This was followed by arguments and counterproposals which were focused at refuting the claims of the opponents. This demonstrated that Scholasticism laid an elaborate emphasis on a dialectical approach to study. The effectiveness of this approach to study attracted the attention of other disciplines of study. With time and the growing population of Scholasticism, it was also employed in studying concepts and understanding phenomena in other fields of study as well. Since Scholasticism was now applied in various fields or disciplines of scholarship, it became a program. This program was then used as a tool for ...Show more


SCHOLASTICISM Name Institution Introduction The methods and approaches of learning theology and comprehending complex concept in philosophy and other disciplines have an interesting historical perspective. Notable among these approaches is Scholasticism which has been used through the centuries with decreasing application and appreciation over time and as new approaches to study emanate…
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Scholasticism essay example
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