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Essay example - Prophesy, History and Context as Explored through the Period of Isaiah’s Prophecies

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Prophesy, History and Context as Explored through the Period of Isaiah’s Prophecies  Essay example
High school
Religion and Theology
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The history of the time period in which Isaiah was working as a prophet provides a backdrop for his position in revealing the power of God and the nature of faith in God. Understanding how the telling of history is given a focused purpose as it is related in the Bible provides meaning in revealing how Isaiah should be taken as a character…

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The background of the book of Isaiah is an essential part of understanding the meanings of the writings that are within the book. The historical background puts the writing into context, helping to inform the reader on which aspects were relevant to the contemporary and which are relevant to future events. Although not every part of any of the passages of the ancient writings can ever fully be identified as one or the other, there are some frameworks of meaning that are well known and can be related in order to help the reader interpret what is read. According to Oswalt, the way to understand the writing is through the time and place in which it was written, that “God’s revelation is always incarnational” or humanized through the context of location in which they are written. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the nature of historical context of the book in order to begin to understand the nature of the meanings that are revealed.
To begin with, it is highly likely that the book is the work of multiple authors, each contributing through their own perspective. One of the first indications of this way in which the book came into existence is because there are three distinct time periods in which the book relates events. The first time period occurs during Isaiah’s lifetime and likely represents 739-701 BCE. ...
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