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Contemporary Religious Movement (Terrorists in Pakistan) - Research Paper Example

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Contemporary Religious Movement (Terrorists in Pakistan)

In addition, they also try to justify the murder of every individual who does not belong to the Sunni-deoband sect, through fake notions and feign arguments. Since all humans, who are non-Sunni-deoband by faith, according to the extremist sect, are perverts and deviants, killing of whom is necessary for the projection, promotion and spread of the nefarious designs of the Sunni-deoband sect. Since this sect contains terrorists in its parties working with different names and under various platforms, it has become very hard for the Government of Pakistan to detect their criminal activities, and arrest them in order to announce punishments to them so that no one in the future could gather the courage to repeat the same. Somehow, the above-described terrorist sect has developed its roots in the national press, as well as in the judiciary and military sectors of the country, along with other public and private organizations; as a result, the sect has set its foot by establishing the evil network in the name of the religion. It is therefore the Shiites of Pakistan have to make very hard efforts for protecting the members of their community on the one hand, and unveiling the terrorist designs of the extremists on the other. The Shiites have established different organizations including Tehreek-e-Jafria (i.e. Jafria Movement), Islamic Tehreek,(i.e. Islamic Movement) Sipah-e-Muhammad (the soldiers of the Prophet Muhammad) and others, which always adopt peaceful ways of protests against the terrorist attacks on their religious processions and gatherings on one hand, and target killings of their youth and scholars on the other. As a result, the Shiite Muslins never took law in their hand, and just abide by rules in order to stop the advancements of terrorism from the country. Brief Overview: By critically analyzing the history of the globe at large, it becomes crystal clear that an overwhelming majority of the people coming of every class, creed, community, ethnicity, race and socioeconomic status maintain belief in some supernatural or metaphysical power(s), to which they seek help and beg support in the eve of finding them helpless while facing difficulties and problems of various kinds (Ember & Ember 2010), which has given birth to the idea of God and religion subsequently. Thousands of the faiths exist in the world, which divide the people into groups and factions, because of the divergences in belief systems, way of worship and others. Among all major religions existing in the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are regarded to be the Abrahamic faiths, which share several things in their mythologies and basic traits (Latourette 1975). One of the most fundamental commonalities among the three includes their further sub-division into sects, where Jews, Christians and Muslims display great displeasure and hatred towards the members belonging to the rival sects of their faith, and do not appear to get ready to tolerate these opponents at any cost. History is replete with incidents of conflict existed between the Catholics and Protestants, where both ...Show more


The Shiite Resistance against the Pro-Taliban Sunni-deoband Terrorists in Pakistan Module title: Module ID: Submission date: The Shiite Resistance against the Pro-Taliban Sunni-deoband Terrorists in Pakistan Introduction: The present study aims to concentrate upon the peaceful religious movement launched by the Shiite Muslims in the South Asian Muslim state of Pakistan against the tyranny and oppression exercised by the extremist and terrorist Sunni-Sunni-deoband sect of the Muslims, which has been in a majority in the country since its establishment, and appears to be engaged in crushing the minority Shiite community out of sheer hatred and resentment fo…
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Contemporary Religious Movement (Terrorists in Pakistan) essay example
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